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The competition due to globalization has resulted in highly professional man power in all sectors of tourism industry. the demand for professionals is increasing day by day. To face these challenges, competent tourism professionals are required. Technical education system is one of the significant components of the human resource development and has grown phenomenally during all these years. it is right time to infuse quality respect by developing trained and competent workforce that can cater to the requirements of world of work. The department of Tourism and Hospitality is striving towards this endeavor.

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AMAR SINGH COLLEGE, SRINAGAR DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM AND TRAVEL MANAGEMENT The Tourism and Hospitality practices are no longer the same as it was a decade ago. It is undergoing constant transformation in the fast changing global environment. Strategies being tagged along today may turn almost obsolete tomorrow and to maintain the pace there is a need of trained human resource as well as entrepreneurs. Amar Singh College as a premier institute has been significantly contributing towards this, since 01-04-1999, when the Tourism Programme was launched. Our programme incorporates both subject-specific and generic business modules, and has been designed to reflect industry practices and academic developments. Our course touches up on tourism as a business activity – the organization, its working, dimensions, significance and impact of tourism are studied. MISSION To develop human resource for Tourism and Hospitality services to ensure their commitment and loyalty to the institutions and organizations they endeavour to serve and bridge the gap that exists between the Industry and Academia particularly in context to Kashmir Division. OBJECTIVES To achieve and sustain our aim, course is designed to focus on: • The fundamental and vital aspects of Travel and Tourism Industry vis-à-vis imparting entrepreneurship quality, operational and managerial skills required for tourism and hospitality and in related areas such as customer care and service, travel arrangements, accommodation, catering, health care and safety of guests, computer skills, marketing, event management and environmental management • Training our learners to highlight and showcase the history and culture of the land and the harmony of its people; the art and architecture of the heritage sites and the philosophy of the different faiths enshrined in the monuments • Inculcating the customer relationship Skills required to maintain pace with the trends and changing facets of Tourism Industry • Developing Communication Skills and • Encouraging the individual excellence in order to achieve professional growth FACULTY PROFILE Coordinator: Mr. Bilal Ahmad Malik Assistant Professor (PG Department of Geography) Amar Singh College, Srinagar Current Staff Strength Permanent Faculty Nil Academic Arrangement Nil Vacant Posts 02 Supporting Staff: 1. Mr. Shafiq Ahmad Courses offered: Bachelor of Arts (BA)

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Amar Singh College (Urdu: امر سنگھ کالج سرینگر, Kashmiri: اَمرسنگھ ژاٹٕھل سِرینگر) is an academic & professional college in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is the second oldest college in the Kashmir Valley after Sri Pratap College. Read more..

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