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The Department of political science has always been playing a vital role especially at higher education level catering to the teaching of basics of politics and government ,concept of state ,society , nation etc.Political science as a part of social science always acquaint the students about the operational part of national as well as international governments etc. we as whole faculty are committed to the integrity diversity and to create a society where values ,morals , humanity are to be always preferred at world order .The department always motivate the students about the importance of the subject in the administrative and other respective field.I WISH BEST OF LUCK TO ALL OF THEM....!!!

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The Department of Political Science is one of the oldest Department established in the year 1942. The Department offers B.A. (Undergraduate) level Course as core subject and it offers Skill courses at U.G level from semester III to Semester VI and also offers G.E (Generic Elective) courses to other integrated courses at I.G Level (Economics, English and Honor’s History) from semester I to IV. In view of new Education Policy 2021-22, the Department has proposed (3+1) four year Honor’s in Political Science. The department has been established with the aim to produce students having excellence in different fields like administrative services, foreign services as well as National and State level services and also in academics. The scheme and syllabi of all U.G courses are prepared by the Board of studies under the Cluster University Srinagar, with the main aim to enable students to pursue higher studies and to qualify JRF/NET/SET. The objective of the subject on academic basis in colleges captured learning outcomes in terms of knowledge, professional attitude, work ethics, critical thinking, problem solving skills, and team work. Also to pursue higher studies and research programmes. The department is presently headed by Prof. Arifat Jan working as Assistant Professor. Faculty Profile : 1. Arifat Jan 2. Mr.Mudasir Ahmad 3.Mr.Tafazul Hussain Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor PG, M Phil. PG, M Phil. JRF PG, JRF Human Rights and Conflict Studies.

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ARIFAT JAN KHYEDU00380034 Asstt. Professor View CV
TAFAZUL HUSSAIN PTNEDU00280012 Asstt. Professor View CV

Amar Singh College (Urdu: امر سنگھ کالج سرینگر, Kashmiri: اَمرسنگھ ژاٹٕھل سِرینگر) is an academic & professional college in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India. It is the second oldest college in the Kashmir Valley after Sri Pratap College. Read more..

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