To overcome the possible financial hurdles that some of the students face, the college has two student welfare schemes in place.

  • Financial Aid
  • Social Welfare Funds/ Bad Pocket/ Frontier

The Social welfare funds are the funds that are provided to the deserving students by the college in collaboration with the Social welfare Department. The funds are indirectly from the government and the students with the required certificate/ documents are provided the funds. The funds may include a full fee concession or other concessions of the kind. All this is done after proper verification and checking

The college has a  Financial Aid Committee in place whose main function is to provide financial assistance to the poor and economically disadvantaged students. The committee is headed by a Convener along with some members. This assistance is fully funded by the college itself. The assistance provided is raised with the contributions made by the students themselves at the time of annual admission as a part of admission fees. This aid is released within the first two months of each academic session. Certain guidelines have been laid by the Government that need to be adhered to while providing assistance to the students. The students eligible to receive financial assistance from the Student Aid Fund are divided into 4 categories.

A. Orphan students with no earnings; & children from broken families with no economic support to continue their studies.

B. Handicapped/ Physically challenged students or those suffering from chronic diseases dependent on life long medical      support, having small earning. This category also includes a student having handicapped father without sufficient income to      maintain his family.

C. Students with monthly family income of Rs.2000/- per month or less.

D. Students with monthly family income ranging between Rs.2000/- and Rs.3000/- per month.

Each category is well defined in terms of the assistance that can be provided under the same. Students falling in either of the categories receive the assistance as per their category. However students applying for the assistance and falling in the above mentioned categories have to provide convincing proof of the grounds on which the aid is claimed to the Financial Aid Committee. This includes an income certificate from Tehsildar, B.D.O, Gazatted officer, MLA/MLC, Numberdar or Village Headman. A medical certificate, in case the physical impartment is not visible, shall also be considered. In case of children from broken families without legal separation document, identification by two members of the staff of the college (preferably teachers) is considered sufficient ground to enable them to stake their claim for the assistance. However, the claim is considered only if the earning member has moved out of the family and the family has no economic support to maintain it. The attendance and other related things are also taken into consideration while providing aid to such students.

The college Principal has the privilege to make minor adjustments in the amounts payable to different categories of eligible students if the circumstances demand, and if number of applicants is too large to be accommodated within the available resources. In short the college tries its level best to uplift economically disadvantaged students and encourages them to continue their studies with zeal and dedication.