The college has two NCC units including a naval wing. The NCC cadets of the college participate in various of kinds of activities both at the local and the national level and have demonstrated outstanding performance in activities like ship modeling, shooting, social services and cultural activities.

Every year the process of enrolment of cadets in the Naval wing starts immediately after the college admission period is over. In this wing 40 cadets are selected in total every year strictly by the procedures laid down for the same. First preference is given to the students of 2nd and 3rd year students who have remained associated with the during previous years without changing their allotted regiment numbers and the vacancies thereafter are filled by fresh admission holders. immediately after this stage, the cadets attend regular parades either in college campus or at N.C.C House  Gogji Bagh, Sgr. Besides the cadets participate in the camps and other related courses that are being organized from time to time at state or national level.
Moreover the best cadet award s given to the best performing cadet on the N.C.C Day. Many of the cadets from the college participate in the Independence & Republic Day parades held at the famous Bakhshi Stadium every year.

Main Events:

NCC DAY: It is established on the 4th Sunday of the Month of November every year.
REPUBLIC_DAY CAMP: This camp is hold every year in the month of January from 5th Jan to 29th Jan at Garrission Parade Ground . During the camp, the cadets participated in the republic day parade & the Prime Ministers rally.
INDEPENDENCE DAY CAMP: This camp is held every year at the national level in the month of August, sports persons from all the NCC directorates participated. The first NCC games were held from 06 to 15 August 1997
Administration Of N.C.C:

The NCC headquarters or directorate Gen. of NCC is situated at New Delhi .This headquarter is commanded by the Director General NCC who is of the rank of Lt. Gen. He is directly responsible to Govt. of India, Ministry of Defense on all matters pertaining to NCC. Under Director General NCC, there are Deputy Director Generals NCC who are of Brigadier and equivalent rank and their HQ are situated in the capital of the state or in big cities of the states. In states there are group commanders NCC under deputy director general NCC. They are of Colonel Rank. Under each group commander, 6 to 7 NCC Battalions are functioning; they are commanded by Lt. Colonel. Each Battalion consists of companies’ which are commanded by associate NCC officers (ANO) of the rank of Lt. to Major.

The ANO’s are trained at two institutions:

1) officers training school Kamptee (Maharashtra)
2) NCC college for woman, Gwalior (MP)

Both these institutions are functioning under Director General N.C.C.


The training of NCC cadets has been divided into 3 divisions.

I) SENIOR DIVISION: In this division students of the college/university of the age group of 15 to 20 years take training. TM’s training is for 3 years. Senior division has been divided into three wings i.e.Army Wing, Navy Wing and Air Force Wing.

II)JUNIOR DIVISION: In this division, students of 13 to 16 1/2 years of age studying I in secondary school are enrolled. Their training is for 2 years. In Junior division also there are Army Wing, Navy Wing and Air Force Wing.

III) GIRLS DIVISION: In this division, there are senior and junior wings. The senior division have companies of Signals, medical and nursing. Training in the Senior division is for 3 years, where as cadets get training for 2 years in the junior division.