Finance & Control is a postgraduate degree program which is offered to students who have successful completed two years program or course that generally deals with the study related to finance and accounting and a super-specialization in the last semester to furnish students with skills in financial planning, decision-making and control.

Finance & Control degree program contains the teaching in the essential areas of managerial decision-making such as Corporate laws, Managerial economics, Financial accounting, Quantitative techniques, Organizational behavior etc., in addition to this in different areas of finance such as International Accounting, Financial services, Investment Management, International Finance, Project Appraisal, Financial management etc.

Besides, a few newest Finance and Control degree programs in few universities also consist of subjects in investment philosophy, technology valuation, mathematics of financial markets, investor psychology.

Basic Eligibility


The minimum eligibility criteria for undertaking a Finance & Control course is a graduate degree in any of the discipline can join this course. Several top universities require a score of minimum of 50 % of marks in graduation. Some universities even conduct entrance exam before choosing a candidate for this course.  These institutions choose the candidates entirely on the basis of their merit score.

Job Prospects

Few job profiles under this field:-

  •  Securities Analyst
  •  Auditor
  •  Budget Analyst
  •  Corporate Analyst
  •  Marketing Manager
  •  Risk Analyst
  •  Operations Manager
  •  Accountant
  •  Money Manager
  •  Revenue Agent
  •  Tax Advisor

Few job sectors in this field: –

  •  Banking and Finance
  •  Equity Research
  •  Insurance Management
  •  Leasing
  •  Merchant Banking
  •  Insurance Industry
  •  Mutual Funds
  •  Portfolio Management
  •  Project Appraisal
  •  Risk Management

Pay package: –

Those who have successfully completed Finance & Control course have vast demand in India and abroad as well. During their initial stage they get a salary package of Rs.15,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month and they can’t expect high pay scale at their initial stage.

But gradually with sound practice and experience in this field they can expect a pay scale of Rs.30,000 to Rs.50,000 per month and this may go as high as Rs.80,000 per month.

Available Courses