The aim of the Botany Department is to give the learners a sound understanding of Biosciences. The learners would develop an understanding of plants and the importance. A sound knowledge of the subject would be a pre-requisite for the programme. The programme offers an opportunity to learners for higher studies  not only in botany but also in other branches like bioresources, bioinformatics, environmental science, phytochemistry, pharmacognosy, genetics, ecology etc. Besides, it helps students to qualify KAS and IAS. It  includes themes in some of the emerging areas of botany that are expected to be extremely useful in the present scenario.



Establishment: 1981
Posts in Teaching Staff: 06
Posts in Non Teaching Staff: 04
Posts filled: 06




1) 01. Dr. Rubaya Sultan ( Head)
2) 02. Prof. Shaziya Mushtaq
3) 03. Dr. Hilal Ahmad
  04. Dr. Kounsar Parveen
05. Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad Bhat
06. Prof. Parvaiz Ahmad Dar