The College defines some Protocols which need to be adhered to. The following rules have been laid down:

    • Uniform: The students shall be bound to attend the College in proper uniform. It will consist of black pants and a white shirt during summer and black pants, white shirt, black sweater and a black coat winters.
    • Timings: College timings will be from 10 AM to 4 PM. However, to ensure the teaching of a variety of subject combinations, the time table can stretch from 9 AM to 5 PM.
    • Attendance: Students have to ensure punctuality in the attending their classes. A continuous unauthorized absence of ten days from any class shall make a student liable for discharge from the college. a fine of rupees five for each missed class shall be imposed. Only those students shall be allowed to sit in the annual examination who attend at least 75% of lectures/ practicals in each subject in the academic session.
    • Parking: Students having their own means of transport are allowed to use the parking space of the college. In no case, they will take their vehicles beyond the parking area. A token fee of Rs.50/- and Rs.100/- shall have to be deposited in the college-chest on account of parking fee for bicycle users and scooterists respectively.
    • Mobile phones: The students are prohibited to bring their mobile phones in the college.
    • Smoking: Smoking or any other related activity is strictly prohibited in the campus.
    • Identity Cards: They students are required to carry their I-cards with them. They will be allowed to enter the college only on the presentation of the I-Card to the security staff of the college.
    • Indulgence in any kind of anti-social activity shall lead to the cancellation of the admission.